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School Blog Friday 16th December 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


What a week!  Four nativities and a Christmas Fayre!   Our younger pupils were outstanding, and have certainly raised the bar when it comes to future performances.  Thank you so much for all your support, we have had great fun and really appreciate all the emails of thanks we have received.  We honestly read every one and share with all the staff. 


We have a busy final week of the Autumn Term with our "Oliver with a Twist" show.  I have watched the pupils grow in confidence over the last few weeks, and I know they are going to be amazing over their four shows.  We do have some tickets left, so please contact the office if you or a relative would like to attend.  And thank you for committing to the extra rehearsals and bringing the pupils to all the shows.  These are memories that will last forever, and seeing your child grow in confidence is the best reward for the teachers who all work so hard to enable every child to shine.  Here are the headlines this week:- 


Caffi Cynefin - It is our last Caffi at the Village Hall on Thursday, please come and join us as we have a visitor from the local authority coming to see our pupils at work.  Please spread the word that we are moving this wonderful experience to the school hall from January.  We have also changed the times to suit more parents, and can offer free wifi.  Click here for more information.


Parking on zig zags - The police have received reports of parents and guardians parking on the yellow zig zags outside our school.  Please remember these mark a safe "no car" zone for pupils and their siblings, so please let's work together on this.  


Report to Parents - You will receive you child's written report on Monday via email.  If you require a printed copy, please let the school office know.  Please take notice of your child's attendance,  as this has a direct effect on your child's progress as well as on the development of their social and communication skills.   Please also note their reading age and the targets set by the pod staff.   We will be setting a date for face to face parent meetings in the Spring Term. 


Breakfast Club - We are going to keep breakfast club in the old canteen from January.  Thank you to Mr G for sharing his learning space!  


Have a fabulous weekend, and thank you again for a wonderful week in Llanrhidian. 

Mrs Caswell