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Caffi Cynefin

 Croeso i Caffi Cynefin!!


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Thursday 9-11.30am

Bob Dydd Iau

@Llanrhidian School Hall

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ALL WELCOME...Mae Croeso i Bawb


At Caffi Cynefin, we're all about bringing people together to spread positivity, kindness, and a warm sense of belonging. We believe in the power of community to help our children flourish. As a school, we think it's crucial to empower our students and provide them with opportunities to discover their unique purposes and support those around them! 😊



Our Caffi offers our pupils exciting real-world work experiences that fuel their dreams and align with the four educational purposes. Through hands-on learning, we not only equip our pupils with essential life skills like problem-solving, creativity, organisation, and personal effectiveness but also spark a passion for lifelong learning! 🌟



Caffi Cynefin is a place where all generations come together to relax, enjoy and reflect.  We do not charge for our refreshments, but we will depend on donations to make this a sustainable and long term commitment. If you would like to volunteer or make any donations, please contact the school. 



Join us every Thursday in Llanrhidian School Hall between 9 and 11.30 


We hope to see you soon!

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Thank you for all your kind donations. Please see the profit/loss for each term. 




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Oriel Cynefin Brochure

If you wish to purchase a painting please contact the school. 



Oriel Cynefin - Paintings on Display