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Our Pest Work 2021-22

Our Targets for 2021-22

Here is our plan to evaluate this year's targets:-


1. Improving our "Independence" - We will be finding out if choice and challenge can be improved to develop our wider skills.  We will do this through:-

  • Questioning pupils & teachers 
  • Looking at our twitter pages #LlanChandCh


2. Improving standards in "Maths, Welsh, English and Science" and develop an improved way of tracking pupil progress - We will be finding out if our pupils are making good progress in these areas of learning.  We will do this through:-

  • Questioning pupils & teachers 
  • Looking at books


3. Improving the wellbeing of pupils and staff during the Covid19 pandemic  - We will be finding out if everyone feels "happy, healthy and safe" in our school:-

  • Questioning pupils & teachers 
  • Looking at wellbeing data
  • Talking to the Health & Well Being Lead (Miss Colwill)

PEST Meeting 22.10.21


Today we met and discussed the school's targets. We have split up into different groups to evaluate the school's progress through the year.  At the end of the year we are going to make FlipGrid Reports for the governors.




Our Targets for Evaluation

Evaluation of Maths Autumn Term 2021

We have questioned pupils and staff.  This is what they told us.....  


  • We have started putting the answers to our practice questions in our book (rather than on whiteboards) 

  • We use practice questions. at the start of all lessons

  • We get the extra help if you need​

  • All the maths is in one place on the website.

  • If the teacher thinks you are ready for your chillis, the teacher will D.I.N you​

  • We've been doing more complicated at column addition​

  • We've been learning a variety of different maths​

  • We like our double page spread​ in Maths  

  • We are getting more organised

  • We find maths more enjoyable​

  • We are more confident every time Miss goes over it ​

  • Methods are less complicated