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Welcome to the "PEST Page"

Here are our PESTs for 2021-2022




Our Super PESTs have been using their own time to question the pupils about improvements. 


PESTS: What is good about the environment in the school? 

Pupil: I like that it is a healthy and green school. 


What do you think we could improve in on the environment? 

Pupil: More bins so that we could put our rubbish in. 


PESTS: What have we done to improve our environment? 

Pupil: We have made a better path with the woodchips. 


PESTS: What have we done to improve our environment inside the classes? 

Pupil: We have got more chrome books to research on. 


PESTS: What’s good about our environment within the school? 

Pupil: We have clean water and lot’s of soap.  

Pests Interview Y4 Pupil

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What do you like about relax and refuel?

Pests Interview Y3 Pupil

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What do you like about the new lunchtime clubs?

Pests Interview Y5 Pupil

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What do you like best about relax and Refuel?



Some PESTS interviewed Mrs Marchant about how we are improving our Welsh Target.  


PESTS: What have the staff been doing to improve Welsh across the school?

Mrs Marchant: Our weekly assembly is going well, as is our Siop Cierios, Cinio Cymraeg and the Welsh reading.  Teachers are planning for more and more Welsh which is great!  Da iawn!


PESTS: What are your plans for the future in terms of Welsh?

Mrs Marchant:  We want to achieve the Bronze Award.  We also need to visit other schools and see how they are developing a stronger Welsh culture.  eh by celebrating Tom Jones Birthday :) 


PESTS:  What other events must be linked to Welsh? 

Mrs Marchant:  Well St David's Day is always wonderful.  But we need to ensure there is a welsh element in all our other events eg the Pod Productions.  




Well done to our PESTs who have been interviewing the staff this week.   


PESTS: What is going well to improve well-being?

Miss Colwill:  We have improved displays around the school and created zones eg the well being areas in each Pod.   Well-being is much more visible around the school now.  


PESTS:  What do we still need to improve? 

Miss Colwill: We still need to improve outdoor learning areas and improve our physical education (PE)



PESTS:  What else have you done to improve our health and well-being? 

Miss Colwill: Well, we have worked with the other schools in the North Gower Partnership to develop lessons in Relationships and Sexuality Education.  This makes sure all the pupils are getting the same lessons ready for when they go to Gowerton.  In Llanrhidian we all teach lessons about our "lizard brains" which help the pupils to understand what happens when they lose their temper.  All the staff have had lots of training so we can help you.  


Relax and refuel time is going well, and we are improving our fitness through daily puff time.  But I still think we need to improve PE across the school.


PESTS: How is RE improving across the school?


Mr G: RE is going really well.  Daily Big Questions are developing learners' critical thinking skills, and pupils seem to love doing these in kinship time.  Our HABER is working well to help pupils consider if what they read, see and hear is really of value.  All teachers are planning for RE in their IQ time now too so our pupils are learning about different beliefs and sharing their thoughts and ideas.  



PESTS: Mrs Jones, How do you think writing is improving in our school? 

Mrs Jones: I am please to see that everyone is working hard at their writing, and pupils are being given more time to write longer pieces of work.  It is good to see that there are lots of writing skills being developed across all areas of learning.  


PESTS:  How would you rate our writing, and what would you improve?

Mrs Jones: I would like to see us writing to more real people like pen pals or writing to politicians.  But overall I think our writing is good! 


PESTS:  Mrs Caswell, how can we improve our environment even more? 

Mrs Caswell:  I have listened to staff an pupils and have quite a list!  Unfortunately we can't do everything in one go.  We need to keep the trees in the field pruned and ensure its a safe place to play.  We would like to have an all weather pitch for all year round play.  At the moment the field can only be used when dry, which is such a shame.  We are also getting prices to extend the library onto a patio area, refurbish the canteen and put a marquee up in the field in winter months for outdoor lessons,  PE skills and play times.  




PESTs interview Mrs Caswell on improvements to our learning environment.


What are you doing to make the environment better for the learners?

Since September we've improved many areas around the school, including the hall, the staff room, the new pod, the poly tunnel, and the outside area by Pod Pengwin. This has given us much more space to spread out when we are learning so we can be in different groups to suit our needs. We have had positive feedback from pupils and parents who are all enjoying the new pod system. 


How could we improve further?

The staff are working hard to improve displays within their workshops. 


We are continuing to develop areas within the pods to support the children to become more independent and interdependent.  We are making sure the pupils have everything they need to complete their work to the highest standards possible.


We are also developing an Environment for Learning Policy to ensure everyone knows how best to  develop our learning spaces.  




PESTs Spring Term Blog


To ensure we all evaluate well we have taken responsibility for specific targets. These are:-

Team Member Target Link Staff Twitter
GM & AR Improve RE Mr Goremano #LlanRE
MW & RW Improve Welsh Mrs Marchant #Llancym
CJ & TJ Improving Writing and Recording (IQ) Mrs Jones #Llanlit
RW & SH  Improve our Environment  Mrs Caswell



EF & TJ Improve Outdoor Wellbeing Miss Colwill #Llanhealth
AR & GM & MW Become a Mentally Healthy School Miss Colwill #Llanhealth


PESTs Autumn Blog 2019


This term we met with Mrs Caswell to discuss the new targets for the year.  These are on display by the office and are:-


1. Be a mentally healthy school

2. Develop outdoor well-being

3. Improve our learning environment

4. Improve RE and Welsh Teaching

5. Improve Standards in English, Welsh and Maths 



We held a very successful SDP day with parents to share our targets, and had lots of great ideas of how to further improve our school.  For example, some parents said that we need a better website, and we agree!  Now this is being built and will be ready in the Spring Term.   


Every pupil voice group had a stall in the SDP event so that parents could understand the work of each group.  


We think the school is doing well with  our targets, but we will be monitoring these over the next term to make sure we are all on track.  We will be looking in books, talking to pupils and staff and walking around our school to get this job done properly.  We will be reporting to back governors in the Summer Term. 





Open to all pupils in year 6. 


Job Description

  • To understand the school’s targets
  • To gather the views of parents and pupils
  • To monitor the school against its targets
  • To set new school targets if necessary
  • To present to governing body