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Spring is here!

Spring is Here.

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Croeso Gwanwyn


                 Welcome to the months of March and April and all the signs of the Spring season.         

The Easter Bunny has been!

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Why do Christians celebrate Easter?


The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

What is Simnel cake?

Simnel cake is a special cake that is eaten at Easter, with the 11 balls of Marzipan representing the 11 disciples who were friends of Jesus. There aren't 12 because Judas betrayed Jesus.

Bigger and Smaller Spring Hunt

Go on a Spring hunt with these cards. What can you find on your way?

Guess How Much I Love You: Short Cut "Scents of Spring"

Spring is here!

1. Estimating. 

This week we will be practising our estimation skills. 

How many beads do you think you can hold in your hand?


Sesame Street: Play Estimation Vacation with Guy Smiley!

2. Write a recipe for a pasta salad.


Mrs Williams and her Healthy Hat have decided that you will be making a pasta salad this week.

Can you use some bossy verbs to write your recipe?

Cofiwch you have to eat all the ingredients you put in.


3. Mother's Day poetry.

It is a very special time of year where we celebrate all the lovely things that our parents do help us.

Can you write a poem for your mum using these describing words? 

4. Odd & Even.

Can you sort these numbers into odd and even? Click on the coconuts to play the game.