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Suggested Activities 15.6.20

This week our unsung heroes are astronauts! We will learn about some famous astronauts and explore outer space.

A Surprise Visitor.

You won't believe what happened when Mrs Marchant and Mrs Jones were in school this week! We had a surprise visitor. It was a very big surprise indeed! Click on the picture to take you to our video page to see what happened.

1. Write a letter to Q Pootle 5

First you will need to watch the video by clicking on the spaceship picture above. Can you tell Q Pootle 5 all about yourself? You might like to tell him where you live, who you live with, what you like to eat and what your hobbies are. You could write a letter, draw a picture or make a video.

Mrs Jones Writes a Letter

Still image for this video

2. Life in Space

Visit the page below to find out what it's like to be a real astronaut. If you would like to send Tim Peake a question please email it to us and we will post it to his Twitter page.

3. Q Pootle 5

Join Q pootle 5 on his adventures.

4. Science and Technology with Miss Blackmore

Click the link below to join Miss Blackmore in this week's Science and Technology adventures. 

5. Reading

Please encourage your child to log in to Reading Eggs every day. We will continue to use this programme when the children return to school. Teachers will log in regularly to monitor your child's progress.


You may also like to choose a book from the Oxford Owl book shelf. You can also choose a game from the Floppy's phonics practice zone.

6. Welsh  

Mrs Marchant reads Pip yn Mynd i'r Lleuad

Pip goes to the moon.

Still image for this video

7. Maths

You can choose games from either folder. The green ones are a little easier to start with. This week we are going to focus on data handling. 

8. Y1 Spelling

Practise your spelling for 5 to 10 minutes a day and get mum or dad to test you on Friday. Let us know how you are getting on!

1. at

2. my

3. so

4. little

5. some

9.Mrs Parry makes Moon Sand.

Still image for this video