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Suggested Activities 22.6.20

This week our unsung heroes are pets. We will learn about how to care for a pet, find out about famous pets and learn about important jobs pets can do!

1. Pets Corner

Visit the pages below to find out about some of the staff's pets. If you would like to send in a picture, video or some writing about your pet we will post it to the page. If you don't have a pet you could choose a family or friend's pet. 

2. Maths with Digit Dog

This week Digit Dog has set two Maths challenges for us. Watch the videos below to find out more.

Maths Challenge 1 - Digit Dog makes Repeating Patterns

Still image for this video

Maths Challenge 2 - Digit Dog Makes More Repeating Patterns

Still image for this video
3. Writing Challenge - How to Care for a Pet
Mrs Marchant hasn't got a pet of her own. Click the picture to to see what happens when she tries to look after a dog. Your challenge is to write some information to help explain to Mrs Marchant how to care for a pet. You can choose any pet you like.

4. Jac Abertawe.

Why are people from Swansea sometimes called 'Swansea Jacks'? Watch this video to find out why?

Jac Abertawe.

Still image for this video

5. Handwriting with Mrs Jones.

Mrs Jones writes 'h' and 'r'.

Handwriting with Mrs Jones.

Still image for this video
6. Get creative with Miss Blackmore.
7. How to make Dog Biscuits with Mrs Gosney.

How to Make Dog Biscuits

Still image for this video

8. Working dogs

Visit the pages below to watch some videos about special dogs and the jobs they do. Chat to your family about the different ways animals can help us.

9. Reading 

Please encourage your child to log in to Reading Eggs every day. We will continue to use this programme when the children return to school. Teachers will log in regularly to monitor your child's progress.


You may also like to choose a book from the Oxford Owl book shelf. You can also choose a game from the Floppy's phonics practice zone.

10. Y1 Spelling

Practise your spelling for 5 to 10 minutes a day and get mum or dad to test you on Friday. Let us know how you are getting on! (You've had most of these words before so this is a revision list.)

1. the

2. said

3. for

4. some

5. you