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Suggested Activities 8.6.20

This week our unsung heroes are our lovely local farmers! We will learn about life on the farm and see where some of our food comes from. If you are a pengwin farmer - please send us a little video or some photos which we can share!

1. Life on a farm.

The video below features Mrs Gosney's niece who works on a dairy farm. You may spot some other familiar faces too!! Your challenge is to write some top farm facts. 

Life on a Farm

Still image for this video

2. Science and Technology.

Mrs Parry shows us an easy and fun way to make butter in the house. Your second challenge is to have a go at making some of your own butter. Can you draw a picture/diagram to show what happened? Let us know how you get on! 

3. Croeso i Siop Fferm

Mrs Marchant has lots of visitors to her farm shop. Click on the video below to see who her customers are.

Can you create your own siop and ask your family to come and buy your produce? Use the welsh patterns below to find out what they would like.


Beth wyt ti eisiau? What would you like?
Ga i ..... I want ............
Wyt ti eisiau afal? Do you want an apple?


Siop Fferm

Still image for this video
4. Maths
This week we will focus on money. You can choose games from either folders. The green chilli games are a little easier to start with.

5. Reading

Aim to use this programme daily with your child. You should have all received your Reading Eggs password and username by email last Friday. We would like everybody to log in and take the placement test as soon as possible. Parents - it's very important that the children are supervised during the test but resist the temptation to help them as the programme needs to place them at the most appropriate level. Click on the Reading Eggs logo to access the website. We will continue to use this programme in school when the children return. Staff will log in regularly to monitor the children's progress.

6. Salt dough farm animals with Miss Blackmore.


Making farm animals.

Still image for this video

7. Mrs Williams asks the question Where does your food come from?

Mrs Williams is about to have beans for lunch and wonders how they got into the tin. Click on the baked beans picture below and visit our Pengwin video channel to listen to her read the story 'Beans on Toast'.



8. From farm to fork

Visit the pages below to research where our food comes from. Your challenge is to be Pengwin farmers and to grow your own food to eat. You could try some quick growing plants like cress, carrots, lettuce or radishes. Keep a diary using photos or pictures and let us know how you get on.

9. Handwriting with Mrs Jones

This week Mrs Jones reminds you how to write m and n in a cursive style.

Mrs Jones practises letters in the foam

Still image for this video

10. Y1 Spelling

Here is the spelling list for Y1. Can you learn the words and get mum or dad to test you on Friday?

1. go

2. little

3. he

4. were

5. then