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Tric a Chlic Welsh Reading scheme

What is Tric a Chlic?


This is an original Welsh phonics synthetic scheme, which has recently been adapted for schools that teach Welsh as a second language.



There are 3 levels to Tric a Chlic;


Level 1 - We use this level in Pod Pengwin and usually introduce it in Reception. Step 1 presents words, consonants, vowels, consonants. The pack includes 28 books (6 of each); picture and word cards.







Level 2  - We use in Pod Pysgodyn Year 2 class and this presents four letter words with consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant and consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant words and finishing this level with two syllable words.


Level 3 - We use in Pod Pysgodyn Year 3 and this  presents words which have the same sound but the spelling is different and words that have the same spelling but the sound is different and finishing this level with multi-syllable words. The pack includes 10 books (6 of each); word cards, reading cards.