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Language, Literacy and Communication


Languages, Literacy and Communication

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Links to Children's Rights

Language Literacy and Communication enables children and young people to experience their rights of cultural participation (particularly Articles 14, 15, 30 and 31) and also their participatory rights around freedom of expression, understanding information and decision making (Articles 12, 13 and 17).




The Languages, Literacy and Communication  Area of Learning and Experience  addresses fundamental aspects of human communication. It aims to support learning across the whole curriculum and to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills in Welsh, English and international languages as well as in literature.


The four statements that express what matters in this Area should be addressed holistically. This means that different languages should be explored in relation to one another, so too the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also means that learning about and through literature should be seen as contributing to all aspects of learning about languages. 


What Matters in Languages, Literacy and Communication 

1. Languages connect us.

2. Understanding languages is key to understanding the world around us. 

3. Expressing ourselves through languages is key to communication.

4. Literature fires imagination and inspires creativity.


Progression in Languages, Literacy and Communication

  1. Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge
  2. Deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within areas of learning and experience
  3. Refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills
  4. Making connections and transferring learning into new contexts
  5. Increasing effectiveness as a learner


Languages, Literacy and Communication in Llanrhidian Primary School


In Llanrhidian, we encourage children to develop their language skills across all areas of learning and through extra curricular activities.  Every opportunity is taken to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking. 




Embedded provision to develop the appropriate skills knowledge and experiences for Languages, Literacy and Communication includes: -


  • Chunky literacy lessons
  • Daily Challenged Reading
  • Teaching and using the 9 Reading Behaviours
  • Visual Reading Band system
  • Reading intervention for identified pupils
  • Literacy links in IQ tasks
  • Siop Ceirios
  • Driegiau Cymraeg - Click here for more information. 
  • Slot Drilio
  • Digital Literacy
  • LlanWOW roles encouraging pupil independence and the Welsh language. Click here for more information.


10 Disglair!

In Llanrhidian we aim to hit the 10 communicative goals in Welsh by the time our pupils leave us.

Mae Cymraeg yn hwyl!


Here are some key phrases that we use around our school!