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WB 24.06.24

LO: To reflect on past events and experiences and the thoughts feelings and actions that arose from them, identifying positives and negatives


I wonder, what reflections do you have about your year in Llanrhidian?


Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?



1. Summarise your year in Llanrhidian


Think about…

  • Your favourite topic/lesson/subject/activity
  • Time in Caffi Cynefin
  • Clubs you’ve enjoyed (e.g. Caffi Cynefin, football), don't forget to say why!
  • Your world of work experiences
  • Your funniest memories
  • What you like to do with friends
  • Best school trip
  • What you have progressed in
  • What skills from Llanrhidian will you keep with you for life?
  • Which 4 purposes have achieved? Why/how?



My year in Llanrhidian has been fantastic! I feel like I have made lots of progress in maths as I feel like I am getting better at my timestables. A target for next year is to complete my ten TTRS games! I have really enjoyed working in Caffi Cynefin this year because it helps me develop my communication skills ad it is so important for the community. A school trip I have really enjoyed is when we went to see The Butterfly Hunter in Theatr NaNog, I love going to the theatre and the show was excellent, it was also great to look around the museum. I have also loved being part of all of the sport this year and I know my netball skills are getting much better!


2. Create a piece of artwork to show your favourite memories from this year.


Skills we have covered to help you:

 - Backwash and overpaint

 - Water colours

 - Shading

 - Pastels 


Use these examples as inspiration:


3. How does being a part of Llanrhidian’s Cynefin make you feel?


Cynefin is 'the place where we feel we belong, where the people and landscape around us are familiar, and the sights and sounds are reassuringly recognisable.’



Need help starting your sentence?

Being part of #TeamLlanrhidian makes me feel...



4. Beth ydy dy hoff bwnc yn yr ysgol? pam?



Beth ydy dy hoff bwnc yn yr ysgol?

Fy hoff bwnc i ydy…. My favourite subject is…

Fy nghas bwnc i ydy…My least favourite subject is…


Pynciau’r Ysgol

Mathemateg – Mathematics

Saesneg – English

Gwyddoniaeth – Science

Cymraeg – Welsh

Addysg Gorfforol – PE

Celf – Art

Cerddoriaeth - Music


Pam? Achos mae’r pwnc yn…

Ddiddorol – Interesting

Gyffroes – Exciting

Wych – Excellent

Hwyl – Fun

Ffantastig – Fantastic

Hawdd – Easy

Ddefnyddiol -  Useful

Ddiflas – Boring

Anodd – Difficult

Ofnadwy – Terrible

Sbwriel – Rubbish

Wastraff amser – Waste of time


5. What is your biggest ambition for the future?




In the future I would like to be...


HINT: What do you want to be when you are grown up?

Don't know?

What TYPE of person do you want to be?


You could even add an illustration of you in the future!


6. What has the Pod enjoyed the most this year?

Conduct a survey asking the question:

What has been your favourite digital learning platform this year? Choose from:

Spellblast, TTRS, J2e (this includes databases and spreadsheets), Reading Eggs, Nessy. 


Present your results in a bar graph!


 Ask 10 children

 Ask 20 children

 Ask your kinship


Cofia! Your graph needs to be on graph paper and have a title.

Look in your science book for a WAGOLL!