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Autumn 3

Comparing quantities.


Reception Pengwins will work in a pair and will roll a dice to determine how many objects they can collect. They will compare their amounts and will be asked questions.

Who has more?

Who has fewer?

                                                     How many more/less?

                                                     How can you prove it?


Ordering and Making Numbers.

Year 1 will be looking at ordering numbers up to and beyond 20. We will then be using Numicon and other resources to make numbers within 20.

How can I make 10?

There's a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom

We will be reading the story of There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom and we will be discussing how the Orangutan is feeling and writing down words to describe him. 

We will be creating a poster to persuade people not to cut down trees in the Rainforest.


Welly Wednesday

We will be reading the Wizard of Oz this week and looking at what happens when we have a storm.

The children will be making their own windsock to check the direction and power of the wind.

Mrs Williams will also be teaching us the song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' this week.

Welly Wednesday

We will be continuing with our Den building for Tedi Twt. Last week we tested materials to see if they were waterproof and chose what we wanted to use.This week we will be making our own shelters for him.


This week the children will be starting to look at instruction writing. The children will be acting out the instructions of 'How to Make a Juicy Rainbow Sandwich' and using time connectives correctly.

In preparation for our instruction writing, you could ask your child to give you instructions for a simple task e.g. brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. We will be concentrating on using time connectives such as First, Next, Then, and Finally. 


This week the children will be writing a set of instructions on 'How to Colour Mix Purple/Green/Orange'. The children have been learning how to colour mix primary colours in school and this week will write a set of instructions for the children in Pod Pili-Pala to follow. 

How to Colour Mix Green

Still image for this video

How to Colour Mix Purple

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How to Colour Mix Orange

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Dydd Oren

On this day we will be listening to 'The Rang-Tan' story and will also be squeezing fresh orange juice, colour mixing orange and using it to print & making craft pumpkins. 





Dydd Melyn

Carrying on our colour fun days, this week we will be holding a yellow day.

What can we cook that is yellow?

What yellow object would you like to celebrate?