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Meeting 25.11.2021

Pupils stated that there is now more opportunity to put numeracy in their IQs. However, this needs to be a continued target. 

Pupils stated that they are being challenged.

Pods are demonstrating that they are using more Numicon and beads.

Pry Cop think there has been more opportunity for numeracy. They have enjoyed the challenges on the board in the morning.

Pry Cop are enjoying the practice questions in their books instead of the whiteboards. 




New activity after you completed the 100 grid. 

Continue with the numeracy in the IQ books. 

Pupil voice target:

  • To make sure there is numeracy in every IQ.
  • Harder chilli's and more of a range of choice. The chilli's should be the same for all the pods.
  • More numeracy tasks for home quests.
  • Pry Cop want to practice chilli questions during assembly time.


What we think is going well:

  • We like the chilli's on the pod page 'because if we need to use them at home, they are there'.
  • Pry Cop enjoy the TTRS grids 'because they challenge you'.
  • There's lots of challenges. 

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