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Autumn 3 - Dyma Fi

Dyma Fi

This week Pod Pili-Pala will be telling their friends all about themselves, they will be

answering questions in Welsh and in English.

Pwy wyt ti? Who are you?

Faint ydy dy oed di? How old are you?

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? What do you like?

Dyma Fi

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Self Portraits 

Children will be mixing colours and paints to create a self portrait.

Pa Lliw llygaid?

Glass, Gwyrdd......


Slot Drillio

Patrwn yr wythnos

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? 

Pa rif? Sawl un?

Un a Dau a Thri Banana!.mp4

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Rhyme of the Week

Ten Fat Sausages.mp4

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Welly Wednesday 

Create a sculpture using natural materials found around the school grounds. 



National Poetry Day

Our Local Nature

We will also be learning about the animals that live in our local environment. We will be finding out about their homes, and what they need to stay healthy and safe .

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