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Pod Pili-Pala

Welcome to Pod Pili-Pala


Croeso! Welcome to Llanrhidian Primary School's  Pod Pili-Pala page. This page is designed to keep you up to date with what is happening in Pod Pili-Pala.


Our Topic this Term is:

May The Force Be With You!

Pod Project Overview 


May the force be with you as our little butterflies discover the colours, patterns and senses of the wonderful nature that is all around us! Our wild area is booming with the forces of nature, and we can’t wait to discover who and what lies among the trees.  


Cynefin: Cynefin is a Welsh word that cannot be directly translated into English, but means a place of multiple belongings.  To ensure our pupils develop Cynefin we will be learning about the forces of nature in our locality. If you can help, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.  


Rip-Roaring Reads: We believe that developing a love of literature is the first step to becoming a competent reader.  Here are some of the books we will be enjoying with our pupils.  If you know of any great books, stories or poems that will support our topic, please let us know.  




Here are some examples of the learning that we have planned with your child.     


Golden Thread  

Literacy Language & Communication 

Mathematics &


Science & Technology 

Health &


Expressive Arts 

Humanities &  Religious Values Education 



Forces of Nature  

Mrs Gosney thinks that Pili-Palas are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Do you agree? Pa Lliw? - What beautiful colours can you see around our wild area? Tell your friends what you have found. 


Mrs Parry says the leaves change colour in the Autumn, is she right? How can we find out? Let's look through some books and listen to some stories about Autumn.  


How can we show our friends what we have found out? You may choose to use pencils, pens crayons, paints, or any other materials.  

Tedi Twt loves ladybirds, but she can never tell them apart, can you help her sort them into groups by counting their spots. Who has the most spots? Who has the least spots? 



Oh no, Mrs Gosney cannot get her kite to fly. Can you help her? What does she need to do to get her kite in the air? How can you make the kite fly higher?  

Dilys loves this time of year because there are lots of blackberries around in the bushes. Mrs Gosney took Dilys for a walk to pick some, but they could only find 3! Can you help Dilys find more blackberries? What treat can we cook for Dilys? What other fruit from our orchard could we use?  

Get your dancing pants on and get ready to make some moves on the dance floor? Can you dance like a bumble bee? Or move like a spider? Can you show your friends and family your dance moves?  


 Mrs Parry is sad, she can’t find any Creatures in her garden. She loves spiders but doesn’t know where to find them. What can we make to attract more creatures into her garden? What materials will we need to use?  

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure for a big surprise.... Wow Pili-Palas, can you spot all the wonderful mini beasts hiding in the grasses and trees? How many different types of mini beasts can you spot? Which mini beast is your favourite? How can we collect everyone's favourite using JIT?   




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