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Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

Here at Llanrhidian we are committed to helping all our children to become healthy, confident individuals who are able to make their own healthy choices, now and throughout their whole lives. 

We have a right to be healthy! (Article 6 UNCRC)

What does “being healthy” mean?

Having a healthy and strong body.

Joining in activities.

Helping others to be healthy.

Eating fruit and vegetables and making the right food choices e.g. choosing foods with little fat and sugar in.

Doing lots of sports.

Having a Growth Mindset.

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Being fit and doing lots of exercise.

Not sitting down all day.

Being happy, healthy and safe!

Why does it matter?

To stop childhood obesity.

To have strong bones and teeth.

So our bodies can grow and we will be strong adults.

To help children learn better.

To have a good life-style.

So that we don’t get heart disease or diabetes when we grow up.

So that we are happy, healthy and safe.

You can do more activities if you are healthy.

If you are not healthy sometimes you can get ill.

Not being healthy might affect your brain and can make you unhappy.

How does our school help us stay healthy?

By encouraging sport and play both at school and at home.

By encouraging pupils to bring fruit into school. 

Encouraging us to drink plenty of water

By encouraging us to join in activities both during and after school.

By organising lots of fun PE lessons.

By giving us healthy food and choices for lunch.

We have a big field for exercise.

We have lots of equipment in the sports cupboard which we can use in lessons and playtimes.

We have adapted Relax and Refuel.

We have daily puff.

Making sure we are safe and can work and play in safe places.

Providing lots of fun activities which make us feel happy.

The teachers help us to develop into self-confident people who feel happy about ourselves and have a growth mindset.

Inviting visitors into school such as the school nurse and the police who help us learn more about health and well-being.

By helping us self-regulate.

Termly RSE lessons.

To provide information and support for our families and carers so they can help us stay healthy too!

Click here to read the latest parent information leaflets to help support us making the pupils healthy, confident individuals.