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Article 24 "Your right to healthy food and clean water."

Lunch Times in Llanrhidian


Lunch runs from 12:00  until 12:55 each day.  Pupils eat in their pods.   In the Summer months pupils have the option of eating on the school picnic benches outside.    


Llanrhidian Primary School is very involved in the “Swansea Health Promoting Schools Scheme”.


UNCRC – Article 24 – Your right to good food and water

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All food and drink prepared for the children during school time is expected to follow Swansea County Council healthy eating guidelines.


During break times we have a ‘fruit only’ policy.  Children may either purchase a piece of fruit from our ‘Fruit Tuckshop’ or bring their own from home.  We work hard to promote the health and well-being of the children and staff at school.  ‘Fruit Tuck’ is paid for termly and costs £10.00.


We ask parents of children who bring a packed lunch to school to make every effort to ensure that the packed lunch contains a healthy eating and drinking selection.  This is consistent with our Health Promoting Policy.  

The City and County of Swansea has a no debt policy relating to the payment and provision of school meals.  Their policy is that if there are no funds in your child’s squid account, then you need to provide a packed lunch.  


The following information is taken from the City and County of Swansea Website.  


Primary school meals

Weekly menus at £2.40 per day.


At £2.40 a day we feel that our menu is value for money and provides a nourishing hot meal that has been designed with kids in mind. Feeding children good school food is a responsibility we take very seriously.


Did you know?

  • We freshly prepare all our meals daily - we do not use leftovers and we do not re-heat our meals.
  • All our meals comply with the Welsh Government nutritional standards.
  • Vegetables and salads are offered to every pupil, every day.
  • Over 80% of our vegetables, salad and fruit are sourced from the UK.
  • All our eggs are free range and BEIC Lion Quality.
  • Vegetarian and halal options are available daily. With GP referral, special diets can be made available.


Aid to learning

Recent research has shown that a good, healthy meal at lunchtime can help improve pupils attention and response during afternoon lessons.


A well balanced diet

We passionately believe that every child deserved a healthy, well balanced diet. A freshly prepared meal at school goes a long way to achieve this.


Experienced caterers

We are experienced caterers that pride ourselves in maintaining a skilled and caring workforce.