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What the Dickens?

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What the Dickens!!

Pili-Pala's the teachers have had some strange looking gifts from Sion Corn. What do you think they are? What do you think they are for?

Can you activate your prior knowledge and tell us what you think about the unusual gifts?


What is your favourite toy?

Do you have a favourite toy? Can you draw a picture of it? Can you tell us why it is important to you?

The Gruffalo 

We will be reading one of Julia Donaldson's famous stories, The Gruffalo. Can you use the playdough to create  your own Gruffalo? Don't forget his eyes like fire, his knobbly knees and purple spikes! 

Welly Wednesday - A Gruffalo Hunt

Oh No! The Gruffalo has lost all his find, can you help him find them? Use the tally chart to record how many friends you find. 

Gruffalo Crumble

''Well, Gruffalo,'' said the mouse. ''You see? Everyone is afraid of me!

But now my tummy's beginning to rumble. My favourite food is - gruffalo crumble!''

Follow the recipe to make your own delicious Gruffalo Crumble!


  • 400g Digestive biscuits
  • 150g Milk Chocolate
  • 150g Dark Chocolate
  • 100g Butter
  • Golden Syrup
  • Orange eyes
  • Black tongues
  • Purple prickles
  • Poisonous warts

Children In Need 2022


PE - Pudsey says...

Can you listen carefully to the instructions and follow the moves that Pudsey says?

Use you balance and coordination to complete the bean bag challenges. How many ways can you balance the beanbag on your body? Can you move around the room without dropping your beanbag? 

Stick Man 

Stick Man lives with his family in the family tree. Who lives in your family tree? Can you draw a picture of you and your family? 

Counting sticks 

The sticks have all got into a muddle. Can you match the correct amount of sticks to the number?

Stick Man

‘I’m Stick Man, Stick Man, Stick Man… that’s me…’


Stick man is thought of, much to his horror  as anything but a Stick Man – what stick ideas do you have?

What else could you use a stick for?

Can you make your very own Stick Man to take home to your family tree? 

Pili-Pala Christmas Workshop

Oh dear, the elves in the North Pole have run out of wrapping paper! Can you help them by making some Eco friendly wrapping paper? What patterns will you use to decorate the paper?