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Safeguarding Policies

The following safeguarding policies are updated regularly.  Please contact the school office if you require a hard copy using the submission form below.  Please state clearly which policy you require.


Awaiting Governor Endorsement

Due for Review 

Safeguarding Policy LinkDate Endorsed by Governing BodyNext Update/Review

Review Cycle


Administration of MedicinesSpring 2019Spring 20223
Admission Arrangements Autumn 2020Autumn 20221
Anti BullyingSpring 2019Spring 20223
Cool Anti Bullying (Pupil Version) Autumn 2020Autumn 20233
AsbestosSpring 2019Spring 20223
AttendanceSummer 2019Summer 20223
Online Admission Form (With Consents) Autumn 2020Autumn 20222
CCTVSummer 2018Summer 20213
Safeguarding & Child Protection Autumn 2021Autumn 20221
Child Protection 5R Checklist for Staff Spring 2021Autumn 20221
ComplaintsSummer 2019Summer 20223
Cool Complaints (Pupil Version)Summer 2018Summer 20213
Cool Healthy Policy (Pupil Version)Summer 2018Summer 20213
GDPR Privacy Notice Spring 2021Spring 20221
GDPR Compliance DocumentSpring 2021Spring 20221
GDPR Retention ScheduleSpring 2021Spring 20221
Data Protection and Access to Records Spring 2021Spring 20232
Drugs and Harmful Substances Spring 2021Spring 20243
E-Safety Policy Spring 2021Spring 20243
First AidAutumn 2020Autumn 20222
Health and HygieneAutumn 2019Autumn 20223
Health Needs Autumn 2019Autumn 20223
Health & SafetyAutumn 2020Autumn 20233
Home School Transport Spring 2019Spring 20223
Intimate Care Spring 2019Spring 20223
LettingsSummer 2020Summer 20221
LockdownSummer 2021Summer 20243
Traffic Management & Risk Assessment Spring 2021Spring 20243
Management of Educational TripsAutumn 2018Autumn 20243
Management of Smoking PolicySummer 2021Summer 20243
Media Autumn 2018Autumn 20243
SecuritySpring 2021Spring 20221
Sun Protection Spring 2021Spring 20243
Strategic Equality PlanAutumn 2020Autumn 20244
ToiletsSpring 2021Spring 20243
Uncollected ChildSpring 2021Spring 20243
Restrictive Physical Intervention Spring 2021Spring 20243


Safeguarding Policy Request

Please contact the school office if you require a hard copy of a policy using this submission form. Please state clearly which policy you require.