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I wonder… what are the effects of exercise on my body?


LO: I can state the effects of exercise on the body.

LO: I can explain the importance of exercise and its effects on the body.



Hook: Let’s get motivated to learn


With the Olympics in Paris coming up later this month and our school’s success in the recent Swansea Schools Athletics Competition and in our Spectacular Sports Day, it is important to consider what effects exercise has on our bodies and how taking part in regular exercise is so important to keep us healthy and happy!



Team GB Golden Moments | London 2012


Let's get moving...


Body trivia card game:

Each pupil to have a question card and move around the room or the yard to ask each other your question.


What can you learn from each other?

Authenticity: Why are we doing this?


Why is it so important that we keep developing our science and technology skills?


Still image for this video










Knowledge: What do we need to know?


Why is exercise important?

What are the effects of exercise on our bodies?


Time to activate our prior knowledge:


Why is exercise important?

Why do we need to exercise?

What effect does exercise have on our body?


Now it's time to extend our knowledge.


Let's see what Joe Wicks has to say

(Have whiteboards or scrap paper ready to make some notes):

Application - Activity


Perform an exercise linked to the Olympics e.g. a sprint.

If weather is not permitting, we can do the activity on the PowerPoint – marching on the spot for 40seconds.


Use the recording sheets to record your heart rate before, straight after and 5-minutes after the exercise.


Talk to your partner about how your body feels now…think about heart rate, breathing, heat etc.


Partner talk - why do you think these effects happen?

ACE Activity:

Work with a partner to create a PowerPoint presentation to present to the rest of the class:


  • Include at least 3 reasons why we should exercise.
  • Include at least 3 effects exercise has on your body.Think about how you felt after the exercise?
  • Include 3 interesting facts about the Olympic games you have learnt this term.



  • Include at least 5 reasons why we should take part in regular exercise.
  • Include at least 5 effects that exercise has on our body.
  • What benefits can regular exercise have?
  • What did you notice about the effects on your own body when taking part in exercise?
  • Think about what you have learnt about the Olympic games this term, include at least 5 interesting facts…
  • Will you be watching?
  • What are you most looking forward to watching?



  • Why should we take part in regular exercise?
  • How does exercise affect our body?
  • What happens to our body when we exercise?
  • Why do these responses happen?
  • What did you notice about the effects on your body when taking part in exercise?
  • What long-term benefits does regular exercise have?
  • What have you found most interesting about the Olympics games?
  • Will you be watching?
  • What event are you most looking forward to watching?