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#LlanNumNerds Meetings

Meeting 1


What a fantastic and productive meeting we had today.

In today's meeting we set out our mission for the year.

We felt it was important to aim to encourage everyone in the school to challenge themselves and have a growth mindset in maths.

We spent some time looking at our books and reflecting on things that are going well and things which could be improved.

This is the list we came up with:


We are doing numeracy in our EPIC books.

We are independently picking our level and if it's too easy we might get a DIN to challenge ourself more.  

Better now we've got the other TTRS sheet on a Friday.

We're being challenged by moving up levels to new chillis. 

All pupils enjoy the chilli scale of challenge.


Ideas for teachers to consider:

More optional home learning linked to maths.

More cooking activities in home learning, which also make links to numeracy.  

Make our own chilli up and our own questions up.  

More chillis: ghost chilli, rainbow chilli, lava chilli, super chilli, gold chilli.  

More digit dog maths.