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L.O: To use rules to spell commonly misspelt words.


Discuss the following words... stressed or unstressed?




Put the following words into a sentence... take care of the spelling and underline any vowels.

1. Different

2. Beginner

3. Miserable

4. Desperate

5. Doctor

6. Poison

7. Famous

8. Office

9. Mysterious

10. Village 

11. Passage

12. Factory

13. History

14. Swimmer

15. Grammar


Put the right form of the word into the sentence. Write out the full sentence! Use a dictionary if you need to.

1. At the (begin)_____ of August, we went to Paris.

2. We had a (marvel)_____ time in Disney. 

3. The Haunted House was a little (fright)______ at first.

4. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was (differ) _______ from the other rides.

5. I thought it was (definite) ______ the most interesting ride. 

6. We spoke to several other (visit) ______, who said they were enjoying themselves. 

7. The food at the hotel was quite (satisfy)_______, but some of it was new to me.

8. Our room was not as (comfort)______ as our bedroom at home. 

9. In the evening, we watched a (deaf)______, but beautiful fireworks display. 

10. We had such a good time and felt rather (misery) ______ when it was time for us to leave. 

Wyt ti wedi gorffen?