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What is Universal Provision

Universal provision in Llanrhidain.

This is a document that outlines the Universal Provision available in Llanrhidian. 

What is Universal Provision?

Universal Provision is support that is available to all pupils who attend Llanrhidian Primary School. A pupil may need to access this support in order to make progress in their learning e.g RWI catch-up reading, Numeracy catch up groups. This support is available in all classes and is part of the school's good practice so that all pupils can make progress.

All pupil's achievements are monitored closely by school staff. If there is little progress through Universal Provision then pupils, parents & staff will hold a PCR meeting to look at more specific/targeted interventions.

What is Additional Learning Provision ?




CYPChildren & Young Person
ALNAdditional Learning Need
ALPAdditional Learning Provision
IDPInvidual Development Plan


Some Examples of Universal Provision provided at Llanrhidian Primary school.