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Autumn 2


Greek Gods

Aristotle was born in Greece in 384 BC. This week we are going to focus upon Greek myths and especially on the Greek Gods!

Greek Gods Part 1

There seems to be an argument breaking out on Mount Olympus! Watch the video below to find out more.

Who is the greatest Greek god?

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Greek Gods Part 2

Why are we learning about Greek gods?

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Greek Gods Part 3


Start your research into the Greek Gods by visiting the links below. Don't forget to keep some notes so you don't forget any of the important facts. 

Watch this video, so you can learn how to carry out your research about Greek gods

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Do you remember Pod Flip Bit pages? Now you can go to our Pod Flip Bit page and find lots of knowledge and information about Greek gods.
Are you ready to find out about more about the Greek Gods? Click the link below to visit a useful website for kids.
Take a look at the Greek God Fact File below.
Take a look at the Greek Gods video

Watch the video and pause it, what could we magpie from the video?

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Take a look at our IQ card below to help you start thinking about and researching this topic.

Who Is the Greatest Greek God?

Greek Gods Part 4

Persuasive Writing

Once we have carried out plenty of research and are knowledgeable about the Greek Gods, we need to decide who is the greatest god of all. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, this is your opinion. Can you persuade your friends and family that your Greek God is the greatest of all? You will need to use some persuasive words and phrases. Watch Mrs Jones' video below to help you.

Watch this persuasive argument between Mr G and Mrs Jones? Who do you think won the argument? :)

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You can look at Mrs Jones' persuasive writing power point again below.
Use these writing/talking frames to help you.

Story Writing Part 1

Find out why Fflic, Fflac and Mrs Williams get upset at story time!

Story Writing Part 1

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Story Writing Part 2

Mrs Marchant has a job for us.

Story Writing Part 2

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Story Writing Part 3

Mrs Jones explains how to create your main character and setting for your Greek myth.

Story Writing Part 3

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Story Writing Part 4 

Mrs Jones explains how to use a story mountain to plan and write our new Greek myth. 


Writing a Story Part 4

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Story Mountain Planner

Use the planning sheet below to note down your ideas for your new Greek myth.

Look at our amazing work so far! 
                   Other Areas of Learning



How to turn your story into an Animation

How to animate.mp4

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 Maths - Place Value and Ordering Numbers

We will be reinforcing place value this week and will practise our addition skills. Try this game to practise adding 10 to a 2 digit number.

Chopper Squad will help you practise finding 1 more or less and 10 more or less than a numbers to 100.
Caterpillar ordering will help you practise ordering numbers to 100.
This Chinese Dragon number will help you learn how to order numbers to 1000.
Maths Chillis.

Watch this amazing video. Can you remember what happens when you multiply a number by 10?

Still image for this video

Expressive Arts

Choose below to have a go and draw the following Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon or Venus (Aphrodite). 

Remember use a pencil and divide your page into 4.


Watch the video and try and remember some facts you can use in your IQ?

Ancient Greece - Educational Videos for Kids.mp4

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