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LO: To demonstrate how force can slow down or completely stop a moving object

LO: To identify how the surface area can affect the speed of an object dropping

LO: To communicate how the effect gravity has on themselves and on objects

Hook - Let's get motivated!

Let's go back to 1940s! Mrs Chafey is working in a factory, and she needs your help to design and make parachutes. How will we help them land safely? What will make the best parachute?

Authenticity - Why are we doing this?


When you attach a parachute to your toy and throw it, the parachute uses the air to slow the toy down, just like how a big umbrella slows you down when you're falling with it. So, knowing about air resistance and parachutes helps us understand how things move through the air and how we can use special tricks, like parachutes, to control their fall and land safely. It's like giving our toys a soft and gentle landing!

Knowledge - What do we need to know? presents: How does a parachute work? A parachute is a device used to slow down an object that is falling towards the ground. There are two forces acting on the falling person: 1. Gravity (Upwards) 2. Air resistance (Downwards) Without a parachute the gravity is more than air resistance.

Playtime with Parachutes | Physics for Kids

From skydiving to recess, parachutes are used for fun and safety. So how do parachutes work to slow down people in the sky, or make a fun bubble to play in? Join Squeaks and Jessi as they show you how forces allow parachutes to do their job! ---------- Like SciShow?

Application - Let's get to work!