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Spring 1

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

1. I wonder if you could tell me what you want to learn during this topic?

2. I wonder if you could tell me what 'matter' is?

3. I wonder if you could tell me what is a solid, liquid or gas?


You are going to write your EPIC questions. I wonder where our learning will take us? What do you want to find out about matter?


Should we have mild winters? Link


Since we have had our amazing Launch Day, we are going to write a recount of all the amazing experiments we did! Before we do this, I wonder if you can read the examples and find the features of recount writing. Is it in chronological order? Are there any past tense verbs? Where are the time connectives?


Patrwm yr Wythnos


We are revising all the patterns we know. Click on one of the slideshows to help you!



I wonder what these symbols mean < > ? We will be learning how to use these symbols to compare numbers!

Click and sequence or order these numbers

Big Questions


Expressive Arts

Can you create your own 'Mad Matters' tea pot? I wonder if you will use a solid, a liquid or a gas for your artwork?

Paint with bubbles

How to Draw Alice in Wonderland

How to Draw cute Alice in Wonderland from Disney easy, step by step drawing lesson tutorial. Pretty girl with a bow in her long blonde hair wearing a blue dr...






      Green Chilli                               Yellow Chilli                               not                                            old

            then                                          too

            were                                          to

            what                                        window

           there                                          by




       Orange Chilli                       Red Chilli

             very                                machine

             after                              decided

             thing                               cannot

             our                                 material

             just                                 special

             name                                include

             sentence                           built

             work                                matter

             place                                square