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I wonder, what is the role of the United Kingdom's monarchy? Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?

1. What is the coronation? What happens in the 5 sections of a Coronation?


Click the picture below for more information. 




2. Desgrifiwch y Brenin.


Did you know he can speak Welsh!?



Choose a chilli in the document below and translate these facts about King Charles!

Ga i helpu?


Mae  _________ gyda e

He has got ________ e.g., hair, eyes etc.


Mae e'n ________

He is _______ e.g., tall, short


Ei benblwydd yn _______

His birthday is in_______


Mae e'n bwy yn_______

He lives in ______





3. King Charles III is the head of the Commonwealth. What is the commonwealth, who is in the commonwealth and what does it aim to achieve?


Click the image or watch the video for more information!


 4. Listen to the King Charles III first speech in his role. If you were the new monarch, what would you say in your first address?

King Charles III

5. Which other countries have a monarchy? How are they the same? How are they different?


Need a starting place for your research? Click below!







6. Create a Coronation Day ‘Battleships' game using your knowledge of coordinates.


Green - Use our 'starter' coordinate grid to create your game!

Orange - Create your own game using coordinates in the first quardrant.


Red - Create your own game using coordinates in all 4 quadrants!