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Spring 1 - Wonderland


1. Literacy - Question Matrix

Use the question starters to come up with some questions about this picture. Can you ask them to a friend?



2. Numeracy - Alice in Shapeland

Can you design a hat for Mad Hatter only using 10 2D shapes? How many circles have you used? How many sides does a square have?

HOTS - Mad Hatter would like 10 shapes on his hat. 3 have to be circles. What other shapes could you use?

Play the Shape Monster game here!


Play the Shape Pattern Train here!




3.Pa Siap?
Watch the video to learn the Welsh words for shapes.           


Pa Siap?



Pa Siap?

4.What is matter? Watch the video below to learn about the different states of matter

Solid | liquid | Gas | BBC Bitesize | science

5. Epic planning.

What would you like to learn about this term?

Write your questions on our top hat template. 

6.Slot drillio - Pattrwm yr wythnos 

7. What might you find in Wonderland?

Wonderland has lots of different creatures living there, even mixed-up creatures! Can you design and sketch your own Wonderland mixed-up creature?

I wonder will it have the head of a lion and the body of a penguin? Or a fin like a shark and a wings like a butterfly?


8. Liquid to Solid - Making Orange Ice Lollies

The Pengwins are going to be seeing if we can turn an orange from a solid to a liquid and maybe even back to an orange again. 


You will need:

A whole orange

A carton of orange juice

Ice cube trays

Lollypop sticks



1. Look at the orange. What do you notice about it? Do you think it is solid or liquid? Why do you think this?

2. Peel and squeeze the orange into a bowl. What do you notice now? Is it a solid or liquid?

3. Add some orange juice to your squeezed orange. Add the orange juice into your ice cube trays and put a lollipop stick into each ice cube section.

4. Put into the freezer for at least an hour.

5. Take out of the freezer. What do you notice? Is the orange juice a liquid or a solid? Why do you think that's happened?