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Hook - Let's get motivated!


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Authenticity - Why are we doing this?

Knowledge - What do we need to know?

Follow these steps to research your key words.

1. Go to Hwb and open Britannica Digital Learning.

2. Click on either; 
Foundation - Green Chilli
Intermediate - Orange Chilli

Advanced - Red Chilli.

3. On the top of the webpage click search and type in your key word.

Application - Let's Get to Work!

This week we will be helping to create a fact file on a Royal Residence.

This week we are celebrating Bedtime Stories 

Spelling Activity

Spell the purple word correctly.

Wb. 09.02.2022

1. Getting married is a shpeical thing.

2. The congregatetion in church prayed quietly.

3. You need your recet for a refund.

4. Your famillys are invited to the meeting – please tell them.

5. It is essentshal to complete your work on time.

6. I belleave you can do anything you want!

7. The boy disapeared mysteriously down a hole.

8. Can you definitly come to the party?

9. Ensure you complete your paper with ackuracy.

10. The artist displayed some incredible technicke in her paintings.


This week we will be practising how to read and then answer comprehension questions.

W.b. 02.05.2022

1. We heard a werd noise in the middle of the night.

2. There was a producktion of Macbeth at the theatre.

3. My mum has visits lots of cities in her lifetime.

4. Freddie Mercury is a very famous British musiction.

5. At the begining of a statement, put a capital letter.

6. There was an exiting film on at the cinema this weekend.

7. I scored an xcellent goal in the match.

8. The adiense clapped loudly.

9. Last month, I climbed an exstremly high mountain.

10. Make sure you discokneck your laptop before you turn it off.