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Suggested Activities 4.5.20

                                Super Nurses




Nurses and hospital staff are definitely superheroes!! This week we are going to be learning about Nurses and the important work that they do in hospitals and the community.

1. Ask a Nurse a Question.

Have you every wondered what it's like to be a nurse? This week we have Nurse Wendy on hand to answer any questions you may have about nursing. You can send your question in by emailing us a short video clip of you asking it, or by writing and taking a photo of your question. We will then choose some of your questions to ask Nurse Wendy in a virtual interview next week and we will post a video of the interview.

Nurse Wendy

Still image for this video

2. Florence Nightingale

Watch the video below and find out some interesting facts about Florence Nightingale. Share what you have found out by having a discussion with your family or writing some top facts.

3. Get creative with Mrs Blackmore

Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady with the lamp. Can you make your own lamp? Mrs Blackmore has made one out of an old jar and decorated it with rainbows. 

4. Music with Mrs Williams.

Mrs Williams loves to sing and she has found us a Pod Pengwin song that we can all sing and dance to. Let's get practising and if you would like to share a photo or video of you dancing and singing along, please send it to us.

5. Big Question Time.


What makes someone a super hero? Is it how they look or what they do that is important?

Have a chat to your family and share your thoughts and opinions with them.

6. Maths - Place Value

Count the tens and units to work out which basketball to Slam dunk!

7. Reading

8. Spelling

Here is your weekly spelling list. Get your mum or dad to test you on Friday.

1. be

2. of

3. but

4. our

5. all

9. Phonics

You will need to sign in to play these games.

Username: march20
Password: home.

Parents - there are many suitable games and difficulty levels to choose from on this site. Please support your child to select an appropriate game and to monitor their progress.

10. Welsh                                 

Watch this short animation to help you learn the Welsh words for the parts of the body.

braich arms
dwylo hands
hir long
byr short
tafod tongue
bola belly
coesau legs
pen ol bottom