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Suggested Activities 27.4.20

Thank you for all your ideas, messages and pictures. You really are our superheroes. For this reason this lots of this week's activities are going to be focused on you! Many of these ideas have been chosen by our Pod Pengwin children - please keep sending us your ideas!

1. What are your superpowers?

We are all good at something and have our own different talents and expertise. What do you love doing and what are you good at? You can share your ideas anyway you wish e.g. a picture, some writing or a short video. The staff have had fun making videos to share their superpowers with you!

2. Make yourself a healthy superhero snack!

Superheroes need to eat healthy meals to stay fit and strong! Can you design, make and eat a healthy snack/meal for yourself. It could be a picnic!!

3. Design a superhero obstacle course.

Can you design a superhero obstacle course? Mrs Marchant and Mrs Jones have had a go at this already. Click on the sunflower to watch us. 

4. Go for a superhero nature walk.

Can you spot any superheros in nature. Join Mrs Jones and Bramble on their superhero hunt.

5. Get creative with Mrs Blackmore

Click the link below to watch Mrs Blackmore's pebble game video


6. Maths - How many different ways can you dress Bobby Bear?
7. Reading

8. Handwriting

Choose a letter from the pdf banner to practise every day

9. Y1 Spelling

Here is your weekly spelling list. Get your mum or dad to test you on Friday.

1. we

2. can

3. our

4. with

5. that

10. Mae hi'n amser stori.

In this story Tedi Twt is feeling poorly and needs to visit the doctor.                                                                         



Sut wyt ti? How are you?
bola belly
pen head
foddion coch red medicine