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Croeso i Fferm

Croeso i Fferm

Pengwins are exploring our local cynefin by seeing what it's like down on the farm.

W.B. 25.09.2023

L.O. To sort objects into groups #LlanNum

Mrs Rees has been shopping at the local siop fferm. Mrs Rees likes to pack her shopping in groups, but her bags have broken and now everything is mixed up.

How could we sort Mrs Rees' shopping?


How our milk gets from the farm to the shop

L.O. To discuss what you are going to do. #LlanSci

Farmer Thomas is drist!

Mischievous Farmer Pickles has combined all his vegetables and now he has nothing to serve at the farmer's dinner. Farmer Thomas is worried because he can't remember where he planted all the crops. Can you help him by planning where he should plant the new vegetables?


Farmer Thomas is grac!

Still image for this video

L.O. To make a simple representation of what you have seen. #LlanHum

Mrs Rees' favourite vegetables are carrots. She loves them so much she has run out of them. Mrs Rees would like to grow her own carrot, but doesn't know how. Would you be able to plant a carrot and then give Mrs Rees some instructions so she can do it herself.                                             

L.O. To explore the environment, make observations and communicate ideas.

Poor Farmer Thomas is still looking for some of his vegetables. He thinks that mischievous Farmer Powell has left him some clues as to where they might be. Can you help Farmer Thomas by reading the clues and finding some of his vegetables.


LO:Retells narratives, giving a more detailed and sequenced account#Llanlit

Fruit and vegetables are grown all over the world. In this story Handa collects fruit to share with her friend but some suprises happen along the way to Akido's home.

Can you retell the story? Can you use Pie Corbett hand gestures to help you retell the story in order?