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Autumn 1

Pupil Voice Groups

If you wish to be considered for the following pupil voice groups, you may wish to record a video using Flipgrid by clicking on the image below.

Y5 and Y4 School Council nominations. Applications need to be done using the Flipgrid link below and need to be in by Monday the 28th of September 2020.


Y6 PEST applications.

Any Pod Pry Cop pupils can apply for the Llanrhidian Buddies.

Nominations for these two pupil voice groups must be in by Monday the 21st of September 2020.

IQ Time: Our Well-Being Garden


Click on the Pdf below to see our next IQ activity. 

Take a look at the questions which we have listed and discuss your thoughts and opinions with someone at home to get your ideas going.

The more ideas the better, because you can then use these to help your discussions in class.


We are starting the term off by learning how to write instructions.

We are going to write a set of instructions about one of our launch day activities, such as: The Walking Water experiment or the Skittles Challenge.

Below is an image of different instruction writing features that you may want to familiarise yourself with before the spotlight lessons.


You may want to familiarise yourself with the The Walking Water experiment or the Skittles Challenge by clicking here. Why not use time connectives and imperative verbs to explain to your family how to do The Walking Water experiment or the Skittles Challenge.



How To Make A Hot Tub.mp4

Still image for this video

Instruction Writing Key Features.mp4

Still image for this video


We are going to start writing about ourselves in Welsh300

You may want to start practising some of the sentence starters we are going to be using. 

Jac ydw i I am Jac
Dw i'n ddeg oed I am 10 years old
Mae fy mhenblwydd i ym mis Tachwedd My birthday is in November
Dw i'n byw yn Abertawe I live in Swansea
Dw i'n mynd i Ysgol Llanrhidian I go to Llanrhidian School 
Fy rhif ffon yw 01792333888 My phone number is 0179233388
Mae un brawd ac un chwaer fi o'r enw Matt and Sara I have one brother and one sister called Matt and Sara
Mae gwallt du a llygaid brown gyda fi I have black hair and brown eyes


We are going to be reading Jac's dyma fi paragraphs this week. We are then going to draw what we have read. 

You may want to use the table above to help with the key words and discuss what you have read at home.

Below is the pdf to the chilli challenged paragraphs that we are going to be using.


Over this fortnight we are working on number and starting with place value.

It is a key skill that we all now the value of a digit when it appears in different places in a number line.

How much is the digit worth?

Can you expand the number?

What is ten times bigger?

What is ten times smaller?

Place Value Song.mp4

Still image for this video