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Spring 5

Welcome to Valentine's week! I wonder who was St Valentines? What did he do?  




Can you list 3 features of any 3D shape?

Could you talk about and show the differences between 3D shapes?

Where would you use what we learned about 3D shapes in every day life?


We need to start preparing for our Marchnad St. David's. We are going to be selling Cawl. 

We need: onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, swede, potatos

I wonder, can you write to Farmer Sam to ask him to help with our shopping list?

Can you recall the features needed to write a letter?

Can you outline the main points/reasons in your letter?

Why would you need to write a letter? Can you apply your letter writing skills and write a letter to your friend?


Last week was internet safety day. I wonder, how can we keep safe on the internet?