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Return to School Update

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are so excited to be starting our journey back to face to face teaching. From tomorrow we will be welcoming back pupils from Nursery to Year 2.  Our older pupils will continue with home/distanced learning for the time being, but we will continue to check in with them.


Welsh Fortnight has started across all Pods, so look out for exciting information from your Pod Staff.    


Please can I apologise for all the correspondence that we have had to send out during these times.  However, with things changing so fast we need to keep you fully informed.  For this reason, we ensure that all letters are kept on the website for your convenience.  (So you do not have to trawl back through emails).  This term's letters can be accessed here, but we will continue to email as well in an attempt to suit all preferences. 


If you have any questions about returning to school, please look at the latest letter  in the first instance.  If your question is not answered, please email the office. 


These are hard times for us all, none of us would choose this situation, but let's hope for a light at the end of this "very long" tunnel.  As always keep in touch, and if we can help we will help! 


Kindest Regards


Mrs Caswell